First Trimester: Survival Starter Pack

 Hell Week,

I think when describing the first trimester many would conclude that it is the equivalent of a hell week prolonged for an additional 11 more consecutive weeks, and if you are lucky like me you will continue to experience the havoc of the first trimester throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Like hell week you have the essence of a horrible hangover, including nausea, sweating, fatigue, and of course vomiting. 

You’ll have people come up to you whom you probably haven’t disclosed your expectant gift to quite yet, that will reference the glow about you, no that isn’t a “glow”, more so the sweat from puking your guts out only a half hour earlier, or in the car on the way there, or five minutes ago in the bathroom, honestly it never stopped for me. 

Let me break it down for you. 

I think the old wives' tales can have some truth to them, especially when it comes to morning sickness. I was one of those sweet mamas blessed with the “glow” my entire pregnancy, but I will say hell week was by far the worst in my opinion. Along with the vomiting, no one talks about constipation. Now in my experience, I have seen some severe constipation in my line of work, but I had yet to experience it myself. When I tell you no amount of Miralax or Colace could cure the first three weeks of pregnancy for me I am being generous. Just stock up on those home remedies as soon as you find out. 

Now the fatigue I will say would come in waves. I used to work a lot of night shifts a few years ago and I can remember the cycle of insomnia and pure exhaustion. Now this is similar to that, but without the insomnia, we will get back to that in the third trimester. When I say I could fall asleep anywhere I mean exactly that, anywhere, doing anything, and in any position. It came out of nowhere the need for at least a two-hour nap. I could hardly keep my eyes open. A good husband is the only cure I have for you on that. 

The first trimester is of course temporary, mind over matter. If you can make it through the first trimester you can make it through anything. My advice: get a good OBGYN, they will make or break you during this stage, following up with changes to be expected throughout your pregnancy. As well as, a good prenatal vitamin. After that try to get some rest and invest in a good water bottle. You've got an amazing gift, enjoy it, and relax, because, in nine short months, you won't be relaxing anymore. 

See you soon, 

Midwest Mama

Here are my TOP 10 products to survive HELL Week: 

  1. Preggie Pop Drops

  2. Unisom (Ask a Doctor prior to using any medication over the counter)

  3. Nature’s Made Prenatal Vitamin (Ask a Doctor prior to using any medication over the counter)

  4. Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins (if you can’t handle NM)

  5. Car Trash Can 

  6. Car Trash Can Liners

  7. Water Bottle 40 oz

  8. Colace (Ask a Doctor prior to using any medication over the counter)

  9. Portable Fan (For summer months)

10. Pregnancy Bag for long appointments (include: Crosswords, books you love, phone charger, and snacks)


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